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My Mission

I am part of the movement for conscious parenting and help individuals, systems, and families globally. I do this with love and passion to make a difference for the next generation of children and parents. To pass on less trauma and limiting beliefs and cultural ideas that create blame, shame, and lack. I want to wake parents up to the unhealthy practices that are normalised in our culture. That doesn’t serve our children or us anymore! I want to put an end to autopilot and stressful parenting where we don’t know who we are or who our children are. 

What is parent coaching: I empower parents to raise resilient children to be their authentic selves and to create a more joyful family life for all. I do this by becoming your coach and ‘power partner’ to look beneath the behaviour of your child to YOU. To help you see what’s possible inside, to ignite your confidence, to foster deeper connections with yourself and your children, to help you be the strong leader and role model for your children, and to help you be alongside your child’s big emotions. 

Coaching and reparenting can identify limiting patterns that are being consciously repeated and playing out in the present. Some might not even belong to you! You can build your inner mother and grow.

CONNECT 8-week program

A few questions for you:

1) Do you want more clarity, connection, and self-awareness in your parenting? To break intergenerational patterns of responding? (that may be harming yourself and your child)

2) Do you want to take ownership of how you show up as a parent? 

3) Do you want more harmony in family life? And better relationships with your children? And to parent with more EASE?

4) Do you want to raise your children with resilience so they can deal with what life throws at them? 

If you answered yes to any of those questions, I am here to help you find what you are looking for: whether that’s confidence as a parent and person, understanding your children, or helping them to be more resilient. 

This program is for mothers and fathers to create more harmony, connectedness and confidence in family life. I help parents be who they want to be and guide them to recognise unhelpful patterns and behaviours that may be keeping them stuck. I hold people accountable to live their lives from a place of love and not fear. 

For more info about CONNECT – please contact me to find out when my next program is

My Story – why I created CONNECT

I am a mother of 3, a clinical psychologist, and a parent coach working with parents, children, and families. Raising my 3 children with my husband and life partner of 25 years, my journey has been fun and stressful and provided me with many challenges on the way. I have had to raise and reparent myself (with help of course) to be the mother I want to be for my children. 

I define myself as a conscious and strong mother and woman who is speaking her truth in this patriarchal world. What I mean by that, is women in particular have faced many obstacles in navigating motherhood, home life, work, and relationships. We have been sold ideas and stories (from the world, media, and often from our mothers, their mothers, and our ancestors) such as we can’t ask for help, we have to do it all and we can’t be vulnerable. THIS ISN’T TRUE!

On my journey, I learned these are not my truths. I stand for boldness and courage and became the mother and person I always have been. I stand for respect, compassion, and conscious empowerment in motherhood and my life. 

I have needed help on the way which is what inspired me to develop these services for you and your family. I had help to learn what I was bringing to my practice as a parent, as opposed to how my children were triggering me! They held up a mirror and were my best teachers – I was triggering them! 

I dedicated most of my 20s to learning about human behaviour, psychology, child development, and systems. I knew it was my passion to help others and I wanted to change the world. So this is what I did. I became a child psychologist with a special interest in family systems. I didn’t realise till my 30s when I had my first child, that I had to ‘do the work on me’ also. It wasn’t till then that I learned to tolerate my emotions, release anger and shame, learn a new parenting language, let go of behaviourism, and show up as the best version of myself for ME, my children, and the families I was working with! 

QUOTE – “We are our children’s biggest role models – If years of psychology had taught me anything, it is to show up how you want your children to be”. 

I extend a voice to all parents who have doubted themselves within a cultural narrative that tells us we ‘should’ be able to manage – IT’s BLOODY HARD AND YOU DON’T HAVE TO DO IT ALONE

I am grateful for the community of other mothers and mentors around me.