The Family Associates

As a group of experienced therapists we are committed to supporting children and young people achieve their goals in order to thrive.

We believe change happens through talking and that everyone is worthy of living their life the way they want. Sometimes things get in the way of this, and life can be hard. 

When working with young people and families, we believe it’s important to hold a safe therapeutic space for you, and where possible to involve your parents as much as you consent to. You don’t need to change alone! You need the system around you to all work together and as much help as possible. 

The therapy process is collaborative (a “joint effort”). Together, we will develop a greater understanding of you, your relationships, your values, and what is keeping some of your difficulties powerful. You can begin to learn to step into your power – and make the changes you want. This also means you can let us know what you find helpful or unhelpful and share your ideas on what will aid progress. 

Therapy is not necessarily a “quick fix” and it can take time and work to see changes. We cannot guarantee that sessions will result in improvement. However, what we do is our best to provide effective treatment and help you achieve what you want. 

Your progress can be regularly reviewed and we will only recommend further sessions if these are likely to be of benefit to you. You are under no obligation to continue sessions if it’s not working for you or if we aren’t a good fit.

All my associates abide by the same ethical principles outlined in my terms of engagement. We have a privacy policy, and we would need consent from you regarding both of these agreements before proceeding. They do offer a range of different therapeutic approaches and many of us are integrative and use a combination of ideas and techniques based on individual formulations.

Some of the therapies we offer for children and young people include:

Behaviour therapy – This is a focused action orientated approach to mental health problems and can involve gradual exposure to uncomfortable situations and feelings.

Cognitive behavioural therapy – It is similar to behaviour therapy but it also addresses unhelpful thought patterns and beliefs, and helps you to develop more balanced and compassionate views of yourself.

Compassion focused therapy – This aims to promote emotional healing by helping you to consciously develop your ability to be more compassionate towards yourself and others.

Systemic therapy/Narrative therapy/ – This focuses on the individual’s context – relationships, interactions, family, groups. It seeks to identify entrenched patterns and behaviours and re-story these to more helpful ways of communicating and behaving.

Eye Movement De-senitisation and Reprocessing Therapy (EMDR) – This is a therapy that helps you process and recover from past experiences that maybe causing mental health symptoms. EMDR helps you process negative images, emotions, beliefs and body sensations associated with traumatic memories that get stuck. For more details – see here.

Mental Health Coaching – Coaching is very future-focused and asks powerful questions and gets powerful change! It is a holistic, integrative approach that focuses on the individual as a whole.

Therapeutic Occupational Therapy – This type of intervention focuses on the things you want in your life and where change is needed in order to achieve the goals you want.

Dialectical Behavioural Therapy – This is a therapy that focuses on helping people to accept the reality of their lives and their behaviours, as well as helping them learn to change their lives, including unhelpful behaviours.

Following your free consult, I will be able to make specialised recommendations on what therapeutic approach and therapist may be best suited to your needs. You may already have an idea of what you are looking for – please let us know. You will then receive a comprehensive assessment to explore your needs in more detail and decide on the next steps together with your therapist.